The Sercan Foundation respects volunteers because without the contribution of dozens of kind-hearted people generously offering their time, it would be impossible to continue our mission. By volunteering for Maison Sercan, you change lives. Your time allows people who are sick or living their last moments to regain a certain quality of life.

Volunteering at Sercan

Sercan is always looking for people to volunteer their time to various tasks. There are many ways to help people with cancer, their loved ones and endeuillé.es. Our needs are multiple and you would certainly be able to help us according to your own interest:

  1. Medical transport
  2. Accompaniment and preparation of food in palliative care
  3. Reception
  4. Support Group Facilitator
  5. Individual companion
  6. Community Lunch Assistance
  7. Assistance with fundraising activities

Soon, we will also offer meals, snacks and others to relatives and visitors as well as employé.es. A service that will be greatly appreciated by all, we are sure.

Being 50% funded by donations and fundraising activities, the Foundation must therefore organize various campaigns throughout the year. The Sercan Foundation is therefore always looking for face-to-face assistance, administration, solicitation and ‘arms’ during its fundraising activities and daily operations:

  1. You want to sell tickets; We’ve got you covered.
  2. You want to participate in activities (dragon boats, spaghetti day, item sales, …); We look forward to working with you.
    1. You are manual, resourceful, practical; You can certainly help us maintain both inside and outside our premises.